Your message in a bottle from The Mermaid Tribe.

Mermaid, come home.

Love, Ocean.

Would you like to roll out of bed, into the ocean?

Would you like to ride a wave, in paradise?

Would it feel great, to stretch your body, and soothe your mind?

Wouldn’t it be great, to enjoy fresh, beautiful food?
Wouldn’t it be nice: to be where your mind is?

Is it time, for a different kind of break?

Whale Bay and Indicators. Raglan, NZ. Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. The Mermaid Tribe.

It’s time for your cozy adventure.

Sleeping by the ocean.
Learning to surf and standup paddle.
Exploring and rediscovering nature (by playing).

Creating art.

Eating delicious food.

Relaxing with a small and supportive group.

Candace Loy xo The Mermaid Tribe.

Hi, I’m Candace Loy, of The Mermaid Tribe.

Over two and a half years ago, I found myself standing under the Milky Way

in the middle of the lush New Zealand bush, in the surf and art town of Raglan. 

I was in the middle of moving towards my dream of playing, living, 

and learning about the ocean.

The idea came to me,  to come back to this nourishing place,

with a small group of great mermaids, to share in their own

return to the waves.

Even though I’m not a professional surfer, putting on my big girl bloomers,

and taking myself surfing, realising how much playing in the sea makes me happy,

and going for my dreams to include water in my daily life,

has helped me feel more inspired, connected, and freeee.

New Dates: See below

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. Compass Rose. Find your way here. xo The Mermaid Tribe. All Rights Reserved.

Whisk yourself away

to a week of delicious, sea-foamy fun.

Frolic in the New Zealand summer, and start each day feeling great.

Yoga and fresh air on the deck overlooking the waves.

Play with the sea.

Glide, soar, fly.

Surfing, standup paddle boarding, kayaking, and starlit walks on the beach.

Get to know the water and the land.

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. The Mermaid Tribe.

Feed yourself, from inside out.

Art around and make something very nice for yourself.

Eat beautiful food grown at the lodge.

Sip some wine, beer, cocktail or green smoothie,

while relaxing and chatting in the outdoor jacuzzi tub.

Connect with a small, cozy, and supportive group.

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. The Mermaid Tribe.
Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. Compass Rose. Find your way here. xo The Mermaid Tribe. All Rights Reserved.

Because sometimes you need to retreat,

to move forward.

Resting and playing, allows inspiration to flow.

Then you can move forward, from wherever you are,

feeling lucid like crystal waters.

This retreat also takes place during a new moon:

perfect to celebrate new beginnings.

Return to the ocean, return to you.

Find your way here, and we’ll take care of the rest. (And, your rest.)

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. The Mermaid Tribe.

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat

NEW Dates:  30 October – 9 November 2016.

Location: Waoku Lodge. Raglan, New Zealand

Only 9 spaces available.

Possible second intake: January 2017.

*Waoku Lodge: It is a dream to be hosted by Sharon Southern of Waoku Lodge.

Sharon is a talented artist, chef, grows her own food for guests at the lodge,

and has returned to New Zealand, from over a decade

of luxury travel hospitality experience ( and showing her art) in Europe.

We’re in great hands.

The right kind of structure feels secure and also spacious.

Here is what to expect:

-Private Facebook group to meet your fellow mermaids.

-Helpful preparation and departure checklists.

– Airport transfers to and from retreat location.

– Seven days and six nights’ stay at Waoku Lodge.

– Your own private room.

– Wifi included ( but let’s get you off the grid).

– Beautiful fresh meals, snacks and beverages.

– Four to five beginner’s surf lessons run by an accredited surf school.

– Two to three standup paddleboarding sessions.

– Daily guided yoga and meditation (all levels).

– Fun art and creativity workshops.

– Guided reflection and journaling.

– Informal and supportive chats.

– Post-retreat check-in + care: a loving shellphone follow -up.

Plus more wonderful surprises!!! (It’s an understatement.)

This is where you’ll be dancing on waves:

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. The Mermaid Tribe.


*The cost of the retreat includes airport transfers (Auckland International Airport),

food, accommodation, and all activities.

*Please include travel insurance when you arrange your flights.

*Non-refundable minimum deposit: USD 750

*Full payment must be made by 21 Feb 2016 5pm PST (22 Feb 2016 2pm NZDT)

*Cancellations are non-refundable, unless another attendee fills your spot,

whereby a refund minus deposit will be given.

*Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat requires a minimum of 4 people to run.
If we do not have the minimum number of attendees,

we guarantee you a full refund including your full deposit.

*Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat attendees are required to fill in application forms,

 sign Terms & Conditions agreements and waiver forms.

*Information collected will be kept confidential and used

for the sole purpose of providing the best experience possible (eg. food allergies).

Raglan, New Zealand. xo The Mermaid Tribe.

“Play is the core of creativity and innovation.”

– Stuart Brown

“Rest and play are as vital to our health as nutrition and exercise.”

– Brené Brown

Go from ‘bucket list’ to ‘I was there and it was wonderful’.

Pre-launch inquiries: schedule a 30min Shellphone (Skype) chat

or connect via email


so that we can make sure Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat is a good fit for you.

Shellphone Time. xo The Mermaid Tribe. Copyright.

Mermaid, let’s go play!

Pretty Surf Ocean Love Retreat. Compass Rose. Find your way here. xo The Mermaid Tribe. All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright. 2014-2016 Candace Loy. The Mermaid Tribe. PrettySalt Productions.