Ocean Made xo The Mermaid Tribe

Hand model: Sea Lily

Mermaids are wild, free, creative, loving, intelligent, brave, 

and not afraid to be imperfect.

Mermaids are at home both in the water and on land:

they move between worlds

bringing with them the wisdom from each space,

sharing them wherever they go.

Trust yourself, and trust life again,

and create the path you want for yourself.

Start by creating a safe and nourishing space for you

and your hopes and wishes (like your beautiful secret garden).

Journaling is a soothing dive into

getting to know what you truly love, and who you really are.

Journaling can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day:

your heart, head, and soul will thank you for it…

It’s nice when you can find the words, and sometimes,

they just need a safe place to go to.

Taking time to find words, and writing it down,

helps you to get things off your chest, clear your head,

gain new perspective, and let go of what isn’t working.

This can create more space and time for you to do what you really want.

Get your free journaling + self-care guide and colouring sheet xo The Mermaid Tribe.

This colouring sheet comes with the free self care + journaling guide

If you would like more time to enjoy nature, and play in the ocean…

If you want to spend more time creating art and appreciating beauty…

If you would like to feel supported by people who believe in you…

What you truly yearn for, always starts with an inkling,

a feeling, a thought, a word, a picture…

Writing down what you really want in your life and making little tweaks,

or reaffirming what is working, are rewarding steps in building the life of your dreams.

Don’t wait until you know enough, are faultless enough, and can do things so perfectly,

before you feel like you have earned the right, to allow yourself to name your dreams.