Frolic in the shallows, glide into the deep.

Fairytail. Artist Kelly saunders for The Mermaid Tribe.

Kelly The Landlocked Mermaid Artist

We are so lucky to have beautiful art submissions by the incredible Kelly…
To Sea Beyond. Mermaid Tail. Artist Kelly saunders for The Mermaid Tribe.

Mermaid. The Fairytail of You.

A mermaid exists in her full magical beauty. No matter what…

When to Turn Away? A Globetrotter’s Sentiments After Tragedy

Hi Cutie Sea Cookie, it's hard to turn away…
Good news, bad news...beautiful light at Omaha Beach, New Zealand. Candace Loy.

Good news, bad news.

Hi Cutie Sea Cookie, this has been a big…
Changing Light Cover Storm clouds and rain at Omaha Beach New Zealand

Changing Light: This is for When You Feel a Little Far Behind

This one is for those who are going for their dreams and may…