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Kelly The Landlocked Mermaid Artist

We are so lucky to have beautiful art submissions by the incredible Kelly Saunders, for this little story on what mermaids really are.   A Sea Soul. Kelly Saunders. Here she shares with us her process and the stories behind her beautiful artwork:   The mermaid tail picture is one of my intuitive art pieces. This […]

Mermaid. The Fairytail of You.

A mermaid exists in her full magical beauty. No matter what others think they see. A mermaid holds the vastness of the oceans and the universe within her, and is at home in the beautiful depths as she is on land. A mermaid is water but water is not her. She adores and beholds the […]

Good news, bad news.

Hi Cutie Sea Cookie, this has been a big couple of weeks with wonderful news and some challenges as well. The great news is that I have been accepted by Huffington Post as a contributor, although I am getting some cold feet (tail?) because I am worried my writing is not as good as the […]

Dear Local

  This is a simple short poem, for those who travel, and live a life of wandering and adventure. This is also for those who have found a place to stay, that feels like home, and live a life of discovery and fun.I guess we go through stages, and in a fully free life, I […]