Fairytail. Artist Kelly saunders for The Mermaid Tribe.

Kelly The Landlocked Mermaid Artist

We are so lucky to have beautiful art submissions by

the incredible Kelly Saunders,

for this little story on what mermaids really are.


A Sea Soul. Kelly Saunders. @minnie_and_rose (Instagram) xo The Mermaid Tribe.

A Sea Soul. Kelly Saunders.

Here she shares with us her process

and the stories behind her beautiful artwork:


The mermaid tail picture is one of my intuitive art pieces.

This is a process where I meditate before I show up to the canvas.

I work with my mentor Donna Gleeson who runs Rebel Creative.

For me this is my tribe.

It takes about eight weeks for me to paint and complete one picture.

It is many layers and lots of trusting.

I often start by painting with my non-dominant hand

to silence my inner critic and allow myself permission to let go.

I find a true freedom in painting and mixing colours with my hands

rather than a paint brush.

I often start and have no idea where the painting is headed or have any idea

of what will be revealed slowly to me.  It is a process of faith and trust.

I have learnt that there are many stages to the painting process….

and I always get to a point where I want to throw the canvas

across the room and set fire to it.

This always seems to happen right before

the breakthrough of the picture revealing itself to you.


The little mermaid in ‘To Sea Beyond’ is mixed media, as is the Mermaid Canvas,
of polymer clay and collage.
I created it for my 11 year old daughter as I have always expressed to both my girls
that I am a land locked mermaid and
I compensate by wearing glitter on my eyelids every day
and embracing my eccentricities.

The underwater canvas I have created that has jellyfish and a seahorse

is covered in resin to give it the watery feel.
This picture is about the depths of ourselves and embracing the light.

A little bit about me:  

I am an Art Therapist,

an Aromatherapist (I love love essential oils and being surrounded by beautiful smells),
a face painter and currently studying to become a yoga teacher for kids.
I want to work with teens and teach them how to relax and breathe.
I am a hot yoga devotee.
I love to be surrounded by my loved ones and laughing until I almost pee myself.
I believe in always trying something new that challenges me and
takes me out of my comfort zone, which for a naturally anxious person is almost daily!.

I am on Instagram as @minnie_and_rose.


Read the ‘true story’ behind what mermaids really are,

and be inspired by Kelly’s art.


Reconnect to your inner creative mermaid, by beginning

or refreshing a journaling practice, with this free guide.
It comes with a mermaid colouring sheet to help get those ideas flowing. x0

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